How to MAKE a PAPER airplane

First you will need:

-One sheet of paper

-Markers/crayons (optional)

Lets get started! First you will have your piece of paper in front of you.

Like this!

Next you fold:

Like that!!! ⬆️

Next you fold down the corners:

Good job! Now the next corner:

Now fold both sides again!

One more time!

Now you can decorate! But you don’t have too.

Nice! Have fun! 📄✈️

How to make awesome lemonade!!!

You wanna make some money? I’m gonna show YOU how to make some yummy lemonade.

What you will need:

-Small plastic cups


-Any fruit

-One cup of lemon juice

-Three cups of water

-Half cup of sugar


Mix the lemon juice with the sugar and water, put them in a cup, add ice, use your gummys and fruit as a garnish and boom! You have delicious lemonade.

This is what my lemonade looks like!

What emoji are you?

Are you an 😀, 😭, 😡, 😮, 😷, 🤑, or 🧶? Find out today!

What is your main emotion?

1. Happy!

2. Sad.

3. Mad.

4. Shocked/surprised.

5. Mask.

6. Rich.

What do you do in your free time?

1. Do the stuff I love to do.

2. Cry.

3. Yell at people.

4. Look at shocking news stories.

5. Yell at people to wear masks and curse anti-vaxxers.

6. Count money/buy stuff/yell at poor people

What type of job/school do you go to?

1. A job/school that I love!

2. A job/school that makes me cry.

3. A job/school that makes me angry.

4. A job/school that surprises me a lot.

5. A job/school where we have to wear masks!

6. I don’t have or go to a job/school cause I’m rich!!!!

If you got mostly 1’s, your emoji is 😀! You are most likely an extrovert!

If you got mostly 2’s then your emoji is 😭! You need help.

If you got mostly 3’s then your emoji is 😡! You are either a drunk man or a two year old who didn’t get one of those giant lollipops at the candy store. Or your neither of those and I’m in trouble.

If you got mostly 4’s then your emoji is 😮! Let me guess, your shocked.

If you got mostly 5’s then your emoji is 😷! You have been wearing a mask since 2018, and you wear masks outside and when you sleep.

If you got mostly 6’s then your emoji is 🤑! You are Jeff Bezos.

If you got three different numbers than your emoji is 🧶! Don’t question it.

Getting braces….

Ya, I got them. I had been nervous about them for a while. Yesterday my dad explained that the braces would feel “sore” and would “feel sore for like a week.” This got me nervous. I was scared it would hurt. We went to the dentist and we sat in the waiting room for like five seconds before I was called in. First, they put on the cleaner, then the cement, or glue, whatever they call it. And then she put on all the brackets, and the doctor came in and arranged them perfectly, all while I am lying there with my air pods in not listening to anything because I was to scared to listen to anything in case the dentist told me to bite down or something. Then they did the UV light thing, to dry the glue. After that they put on the w̾i̾r̾e̾. I loved this part. They snapped it on with a tool that looked like tweezers. It felt so good. Snap! Snap! Snap! Ahhhh…. Anyway, after that they rinsed the extra stuff off of my teeth with water. After that, I had to choose the colors, I saw it, it was the perfect color. It was the color cyan. I felt a bond to it. After getting the braces I was so happy. I was smiling and everyone loved the colors. Of course the dentist gave me the “don’t eat caramel, popcorn, and brush your teeth more” lecture and I was free to go. I had a Caramel Crunch Frappuccino from Starbucks, (but I didn’t get the crunch and I can technically eat non-chewy caramel) then me and my mother went back to school shopping at target.

So to anyone who is worried to get braces, don’t be, it was totally fun and relaxing and I felt great afterwards!

Do you guys have any advice for me? If so write in the comments ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

What’s your element?

Ready to find out your element?

How would you describe your personality?

A. Fiery

B. Calm, cool.

C. Enthusiastic, light hearted.

D. Strong, bold.

What food do you like the best?

A. Spicy food.

B. Any drink, or cold food.

C. Sweet foods.

D. Vegetables and fruits, or dirt.

What elements do you like the best?

A. Fire and lightning.

B. Water and ice.

C. Oxygen and carbon dioxide.

D. Dirt and rock.

Do you like parties?

A. I prefer crashing then.

B. No.

C. Yes!

D. Absolutely not, never, nope.

Are you evil?

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Nope, I’m an Angel.

D. Maybe.

Are you chaotic?

A. Yes, very.

B. Sometimes.

C. Every once in a while I can be.

D. No, or very rarely.

Which color do you like the best?

A. Red.

B. Blue.

C. Gray.

D. Brown.

Are you ready for the results?

A. No.

B. Yes.

C. Absolutely.

D. Maybe.

If you got mostly A’s, then your element is fire!

If you got mostly B’s, then your element is water.

If you got mostly C’s, then your element is air.

If you got mostly D’s then your element is earth.

If you got the same amount of two letters then your element is magic.

If you got the same amount of three letters than your element is light.

If you didn’t get an element let me know so I can fix this post! Bye 😉

Are you an Angel, Human, EVIL Fairy, or something in between?

Are you ready to see whether your an Angel, Evil Fairy, something in between, or a regular human? Take this test to find out!

A = 1 pt

B = 2pt

C = 3pt

D = 4pt

E = 5pt

What would you do if you got bullied?

A. seriously injure them

B. Punch them in the face

C. Tolerate them with words then run off

D. Try and reason with them, ask them why they want to do this

E. Try and become friends with them talk to them very kindly

What would you do if you saw someone getting bullied?

A. You would laugh at them

B. You would think to yourself “what a loser”

C. You would ignore them “it’s none of my business”

D. You would tell the teacher a kid is getting bullied and then help them

E. You would help the victim and talk to the bullies to work things out

Would you bully a kid?

A. Yes! I bully most kids in my class

B. I only bully the absolute losers

C. Maybe, only when I’m angry or going through something

D. No! Bullying is terrible and can cause kids depression and even suicide!

E. No, never, I know a lot of people and I would hate to see them sad, plus, I’m friends with most of my grade, accept for a few mean people and people in different classes

What do you think you are?

A. Evil fairy, 100% sure.

B. Maybe Evil fairy, not sure though.

C. Human, probably.

D. Maybe Angel?

E. Probably Angel.

If your score was 4 to 7 points you are an evil fairy, and possibly a psychopath, but I believe you will be powerful one day.

If you scored 8 to 11 points you are half evil fairy. Your not evil but your definitely half evil, your are also probably good at video games.

If your score was 12 to 15 you are a human. You are normal, not evil, not pure good, but you have your talents and they will carry you far in life

If your score was 16 to 19 points you are half angel. You will go to heaven, and you are something special.

If your score was 20 points you are an Angel cast down from heaven, you are perfect and rare.

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